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If you’re looking for a city with plenty of watering holes, Austin is IT.  We’ll set you up in a houseboat on Lake Travis with a drink in tow (pun intended) or on shore at a historic hotel within walking distance from the best bars, dancing, blues, and beer. There’s room for the wine-o’s in the group, too, with a fantastic winery nearby. Swim in caves and relax into the night with Blues on the Green, go hipster fabulous dancing on Red River, sing karaoke and bowl at a '50s retro lounge, throw a party barge dance party, or detox with yoga at Umlauf Sculpture Garden. If organic cotton is your thing, we can tell you where to shop. Whatever your cup of tea, we’ll make sure you find it! 



As the 9th largest city in America, the ultra modern and sophisticated city is perfect for your bachelorette trip. Whether you're into super fine dining, shopping, sports or entertainment,  you can have it all here whilst experiencing true "Southern Hospitality". If your scene is more of the gritty, offbeat, food truck trailer parks, we have that too. Some of the lovely options include wine/tapas, craft beer & live music, patio margaritas (this is Texas), quirky photoshoots, paddleboarding on White Rock, antique stores, bars in the token "Gaybourhood", and, most importantly, line dancing and BBQ if you're in for a taste of the dirty South. 



Whether you like everything from the swankiest of hotels to the dirtiest of dive bars,  antique or boutique, Naw'lins is the city for you. This is the place to eschew chain restaurants & anything generic because, well, New Orleans just beats to a different tune. This is the place where people dance at funerals and call it a Jazz Funeral! We want to give you a true FEEL for what New Orleans is like so you can experience the local flavor through funky experiences that may be a little "out there". We'll send you to Bourbon St., but there is much more beyond that to explore: incredible food, cocktails, jazz lounges, burlesque shows, swamp tours, historical walks, and much, much more. 


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